Friday, 19 December 2014

The UBBSLA Hosted The Second Cross Border Meeting

During 26-28 November 2014 the project partners gathered in Varna for the second cross border meeting of the project. The meeting was carried out as part of the project and the UBBSLA hosted the main activities.
The main topic of the meeting was focused on the discussion of the nine pilot tourist objects to be developed in the partner countries and promoted through the promotional spot, the travel aider and the open street museum.
The tourist routes in the countries cover a variety of activities and initiatives related with visiting places of cultural and historic heritage. To this end, the pilot object of Varna, Bulgaria entitled as “Varna – open to the people” encompasses ten significant culture and historic places under the moto “Hundred years in 60 minutes”. It is the idea that the objects are to be visited by walking in 60 minutes and the historic heritage and the social and economic life of Varna for the past 100 years is to be explored. Some of the places were visited and introduced to the project partners during their stay in Varna