Project ALECTOR starts from the November 2014 the HERISCOUT eCourse STUDY, the training activity. 

The ALECTOR e-Course “HERISCOUT”  is a 4+1 Module e-, distance and onsite course in heritage tourism. It is dedicated to explore the potential of  heritage places may to  contribute to local development and offer quality experiences to visitors. “HERISCOUT” is  specifically designed to support self-directed-learning and produce individuals with capacities in the field of heritage tourism. The official language is English and therefore, Platform, study material, tests and written expressions in fora, e-mails etc. will be in English. All communication (questions, replies, guidelines, tests etc.) to and from the HERISCOUT Operator (METGEM) should be viewed using only the Mailbox available in the Platform.

    HERISCOUT aims to create a participatory knowledge platform by addressing different target publics at BLACK SEA level and thus promote heritage entrepreneurship; in addition it aims to build the basis for the certification of individuals with increased capacities to meet the goals of the New Lisbon Agenda.

The e Class HERISCOUT is a Distance and e-Learning Course, especially designed to meet needs and requirements with the framework of the BLACK SEA CBC JOP Project ALECTOR ( MIS ECT 2617), and create a space, where learning becomes an easy task, a quick to complete procedure, e.g. an enjoyable experience with effective, permanent results. Assisting the presentation of information in a manner that encourages learner activities, the Curriculum will optimize understanding and the further development of long-term-memory-input. HERISCOUT will further provide professionals with a methodological framework for interpretive planning: attachment of meanings to symbols of bearing structures through a net of information properly distilled into the language and everyday life of the visitor, make cultural resources accessible and relevant to a wide public, enabling significant places and items to obtain heritage value and visitors to acquire memorable quality experiences.

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