1. The MIS ECT 2617 Project ALECTOR is realizing the Cross Border Open Street Museum in the Black Sea Basin in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, and Turkey.
    SCRIPTORAMA, the Open Street Museum (GA2/Act.2.3/Output 3 -5) communicates to visitors and locals the values of places, objects, sites and collections, oral histories and narrative structures from the region’s rich historic past dealt in the Project Intervention Area.
    SCRIPTORAMA promotes 90 selected heritage assets at Cross Border Level at 90 geo-locations in the Project Area in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey.
    According to the approved Application Form in 2013 and the decisions of the Cross Border Partnership in 2014, the Open Street Museum, consists of 3 main components:
    1. A portable exhibition with 90 double view display panels and 90 QR Codes
    2. A multivision (highly specialized audio-visual technology for the cultural heritage sector incorporating different digital formats)
    3. An iBook for iOS and Android operating systems with a limitless capacity for synchronization and update-ability for all devices independently of their occasional geo-locations.

    SCRIPTORAMA is not an assemblage of geo-locations, but special place values connected to meaningful heritage narratives offering foreign and domestic visitors exceptional cognitive emotional experiences at heritage places. Linguistic, visual, auditory, and interactive materials designed, respect the principles of human cognitive architecture and motivate visitors to interact with heritage narratives offered by SCRIPTORAMA. Accessible in real time via QRCs in the territory SCRIPTORAMA offers:
    • a succinct, focused, and consistent message across the selected audiences;
    • the right media choices for communicating the message;
    • a wide range of experience opportunities for different target publics;
    • a brand image for the project Area.

    SCRIPTORAMA, is the Project’s “ Museum on the go”, and as such it constitutes a new cultural service per se with the audience and by the audience, enabling the co-creation of content and exchanges of views for the widest possible audiences across the Black Sea. SCRIPTORAMA will thus become the Project Ambassador creating a recreational learning environment and the opportunity to interact at a human scale at Black Sea level and promote cross cultural consumption in everyday life.
    SCRIPTORAMA benefits the Project Area as 90 selected geo-locations will be virally presented via smart technologies and the social media.
    Components are:
    • ENPI FLB: 10 geolocations in Drama, Greece
    • ENPI PP1: 10 geolocations in Konstanta, Romania
    • ENPI PP2: 10 geolocations in Varna, Bulgaria
    • ENPI PP3: 10 geolocations in Chisinau, Moldova
    • ENPI PP4: 10 geolocations in Mariupol, Ukraine
    • ENPI PP5: 10 geolocations in Batumi, Georgia
    • IPA FLB: 10 geolocations in Sile, Turkey
    • IPA PP1: 10 geolocations in Istanbul, Turkey
    • IPA PP2: 10 geolocations in Trabzon, Turkey

  2. First project for Scriptorama is announced

    Alector project partners announced, that the Black Sea Open Street Museum, SCRIPTORAMA, has started in February.
    The first one is Scriptorama for the pilot project “TOBACCO PERFUMES. Drama 1840-1940”.
    You can find it at the official website of the Alector project, following the link
    By clicking at the QRC you may download the .pdf. By scanning the QR Code you may read the story.

    The main goal is to connect 101 points in the territory with a great cultural narrative.
    So each place is connected with another one and all together build our common identity.