Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Host Event in Şile and Ağva

THE IPA FLB Governorship of Istanbul and IPA Partner 2 Bahcesehir University, Development of Vocational and Technical Education Center (METGEM) organized a Host Event in Pilot Project Regions Şile and Ağva.

The Host Event is organized by IPA FLB Governorship of Istanbul and IPA Partner 2 Bahcesehir University, Development of Vocational and Technical Education Center (METGEM). The meeting has focus on informing the local community of Şile and Ağva about Alector Project, its goals, studies and results that will be applied in these region.
The meeting has taken place at Women Society Center, Şile, İstanbul on 17st of April.

District Governor Salih YÜCE, authorities from District Governorship of Şile, Şile Municipality, NGO’s; proprietors in the area and neighborhood mukhtars of Şile participated the meeting.
Eda GÜNEY, Tourism Cultural Coordinator of Project (GOI) informed the participants about the Project and its goals. After telling about conducted studies and planned activities, she mentioned the importance of involvement and participation of the local community to the Project. It was said that because the local people know the region best, it is significant to help and join the Project. Mrs GÜNEY especially emphasized that it is very important for the Project’s progress to integrate with local community and to get feedback.
Serkan YEŞİLYURT, Project Coordinator (METGEM) explained the importance of values and importance of ideas of Stakeholders in Şile and Ağva regions. He also mentioned that ALECTOR aimed to reach large audiences using innovative and accessible communication tools.
Ayşegül YILMAZ, Tourism-Cultural Heritage Expert of Project mentioned the significance of Cultural Heritage routes which will be determined in Şile and Ağva. She told the participants about cultural heritage items, what can be done to develop culturalheritage.
She presented in her presantation examples from all over the World about cultural heritage items and the studies in this field. She mentioned importance of long term management of this areas and values in terms of sustainability. She stated that the protection, development and management of all kinds of natural and archaeological items can be done only with the help of local people. She talked on the factors that may be important for these regions. She sorted these factors as;
• Local food, products
• Architectural Structures
• The lectures are transmitted from generation to generation
• Folk dances, songs
• Natural heritage values
• Villages
• Cultural landscape areas
• Agro-tourism areas
• Natural heritage sites, national parks
• Vineyard trails.

Following the presentations, a survey was conducted along the participants about the features that can be useful for Project and can be evaluated as heritage value.
The meeting was efficient because the local people are very interested in Project and its results. They filled out the surveys eagerly.

Then it was arranged a brainstorming session.
Participants were interviewed in order reflect opinions and propose solutions about items that may be useful and may have the feature of legacy for the Project.
The community was eager to reflect their opinions and offers.
The meeting was ended with regards.

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