Wednesday, 29 July 2015

3rd CB Project Meeting with ENPI PARTNERS in Batumi (Georgia)

From 29 of July to 1st August 2015, the 3rd CB Project Meeting with ENPI PARTNERS (Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey) has been held in Batumi (Georgia).

An important topics and questions were discussed:

    1.PM Overview and Financial Progress
Presenter: Dr. Nikos Thomaidis, ANED      
   2. Planning the Pilot Projects: Tools, Methodologies, Processes
The ALECTOR iBook  
 The Travelaider
The Open Street Museum
The Heritage Charter
The ENPI FLB Pilot Project
Presenter: Dr. Dorothea Papathanasiou, ANED
    3.The Heritage Register
The e- and Quali Survey
The ENPI PP1 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Ioulia Dangulea, NAT
   4. The Black Sea Heritage Observatory
The Multivision
The ENPI PP2 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Elena Simeonova,  UBBSLA
   5.The Black Sea Pool of Heritage Experts
The ENPI PP3 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Svetlana Lazar, ANTREC
   6.The Volunteer Community
The ENPI PP4 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Svitlana Zakrevska, ALLIANCE 
ENPI PP5  The ENPI PP5 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Emzar Kahidze, BAM
   8.The Project International Conference
The IPA FLB Pilot Project 
Presenter: Eda Guney, GOI
   9.The Open Street Museum Infrastructure
The Travel Aider
The IPA P2 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Mehmet Bozdogan, DOKA
   10.The EQF Certification
The Visibility Kit
The IPA PP2 Pilot Project 
Presenter: Serkan Yesilyurt, METGEM

During the meeting the following objects were visited:
    • Batumi  Technology Museum, 
    • Botanical Gardens of Batumi
    • Batumi Archaeological Museum
    • Modern Art Centre Museum
    • Gonio  Fort 
    • Makho Bridge 
    • Makhuntseti Bridge
    • Koromkheti Ancient Wine Press 
    • Makhuntseti  Ethnographical 
    • Museum and Falls – Ajarian Wine House
      Also you can find a video from alector meeting in Georgia in  alector-multimedia  page  

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